“Threads”: A Recap of our May Show

The May 30 show, themed “Threads”, explored how what we wear can transform us. Six performers took the stage to share their most intimate clothing challenges and triumphs.

Singer/songwriter Nicholas Barron and his swoon-worthy voice ushered in our brunch audience and opened up the show.NicholasBarron

Hosts, Denise Santomauro and Tom Wolferman, led us through our fashion-forward journey. Hosts

Matt Ulrich shared the purchase of his first cool jeans. “Welcome to the club.” MattUlrich

Denise Santomauro conquered the demons of middle school. “The work of rebuilding my confidence is a solitary act.” DeniseSantomauro2

Chuck Sudo learned not to let others define him. “These colors ran so hard, they gasped for air.”ChuckSudo

Rebecca Kling found the right fit, inside and out. “The bra is a metaphor.” RebeccaKling

Tekki Lomnicki discovered bravery in the buff. “Don’t feel bad. I was uncomfortable with the clothing optional part too when I first came here.” TekkiLomnicki

Tim Stafford was framed for the wrong crime. “Out of uniform days are the Catholic school equivalent of a prison tattoo.”TimStafford

Resident artist, Betsy Frymire, drew the stories live capturing the essence of each “outfit”. BetsyFrymire

Ellen Blum Barish of Literary magazine, Thread, joined us to share brilliant published work and connect with future featured authors.EllenBlumBarish

The show was fashionably fabulous. Huge thanks to our hosts, performers, musicians, artist and incredible audience.MayGreenRoom