“The Reckoning” Illustrated

Sept14 ReckoningOur resident artist, Betsy Cypert, now Betsy Frymire, draws the stories live as they happen. These epic creations are such a treasure for us and our performers.

Julia Borcherts, “I’m 50 feet in the air walking across a steel beam with nothing to catch me if I fall.”Sept14 Julia

David Barish, “Cool. I’m alive.”Sept14  David

Pam Bell, “Life doesn’t operate according to our checklists.”Sept14  Pam

Norm Doucet, “Have no doubt I’ll do my job. My mama is watching and so are you.”Sept14  Norm

Dana Norris, “Newborns are negative feedback machines.”Sept14  Dana

Jim Sweeney, “And in the end, my son learned, well, I don’t really know if he learned anything. That’s kind of how these things go.”Sept14  Jim