Recap: Fillet of Solo, January 24

Our final night of the Fillet of Solo festival began with the heavenly voices of the Bacon Sisters. Hosts Greg Poljacik and Denise Santomauro were up to their usual crazy antics, pointing out their color coordinated wardrobe for the evening. … Continue reading

Recap: Fillet of Solo, January 17

Recap: Fillet of Solo, January 17

Our second performance at Fillet of Solo was ushered in by the musical musings of Brakes on the Highway. Host, Tamale Sepp, kicked off the show with a tale of a scientific study aided by “78 horses.”Our first featured performer, … Continue reading

Three shows in January at Fillet of Solo

Sessions JAN10_17_24_cover-01Story Sessions is prime time! We are featured not once, not twice but three times in Chicago’s acclaimed Fillet of Solo festival at Lifeline Theatre. The festival features 16 story productions for a month of live shows.

Here’s what you need to know:
1.Saturday nights in January are going to be amazing. We are performing alongside Story Sessions amazing alumni/favorite producers-The Kates (Kelsie Huff), You’re Being Ridiculous (Jeremy Owens) and Story Club (Dana Norris and Andrew Marikis).

2. Special offer! Get a HALF PRICE discount to these shows- $5 for one show and $25* for the ENTIRE MONTH of shows. HOLY MOSES.

3. The festival is the coziest place to be in January. The seats come with blankets (WOAH.) We will be serving warm beverages. We will have music and merriment. And there’s a bar next door for our post show after-party!

What should you do right now?
Take advantage of this VIP discount! There is a limited supply- don’t miss out! Seriously. It’s big. And there’s a rumor that festival ticket holders get their own butler during the show.

More details about the festival can be found on the Fillet of Solo site. And connect with us on Facebook to read about the featured performers and other nifty updates.

We can’t wait to see you soon. Happy New Year!
Jill & Rachael

January 11: Fillet of Solo festival show recap

January 11: Fillet of Solo festival show recap

On January 11th, the hilarious duo, Kelsie Huff and Kristin Clifford, joined Story Sessions as guest hosts for the Fillet of Solo Festival. They entertained the audience and introduced our five featured performers telling stories all with the theme, “Work … Continue reading

January 11: Story Sessions at Fillet of Solo Festival

Sessions JAN 11_POSTER

The January show, themed, “Work it” gives us the 411 on stories of 9 to 5 from featured performers, Shawn Cobb, John Lendman, Jennifer Ann Coffeen, John Hahm and Eric May. Guest hosts are funny ladies, Kelsie Huff and Kristin Clifford.

January is a special show as Story Sessions is part of storytelling festival, Fillet of Solo, this month. As an audience member, the festival is a great way to catch a plethora of shows in one evening or even more across two weeks!

For a limited time only, get special HALF-PRICE tickets- only $5 for one show or just $15 for the whole festival- on Goldstar. This is a total deal and when you get the festival pass, you can make a night of it with- see three great shows back to back in one night, then head over the bar next door with the story crowd for drinks and merriment.

When the discount runs out, tickets will still be available through Lifeline Theatre.