Stories on canvas

On February 16, Erik Sosa-Kibby, national reknown artist, painted his interpretation of the evening’s stories.

Barrie Cole: “The candy heart said, ‘Be mine’. These are fairly simple instructions. I wondered, ‘Was he dyslexic?”
barrie art

Jeremy Owens: “It was the black-eyed peas. Not the band, darling. The food. Isn’t that where all great southern romances start?”
jeremy art

Scott Smith: “How much more coffee can I consume without having to take it intravenously?”
scott art

Andy Marikis and Sarah Michael Hollenbeck: “She’s Teflon. Nothing sticks.”
andy sarah art

Kate James: “He replied, ‘Everybody needs to know how to make a good martini.’ Probably true. But I was 16 years old.” kate art

Eileen Dougharty: “I only understood the gas pedal. I couldn’t fathom putting on the brakes.”
eileen art

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