Stories Illustrated: October 27

Resident artist, Betsy Cypert, took pen to paper once again and crafted visual representations of each story. It’s such a treat to look over Betsy’s shoulder during the show and even more exciting to see the finished pieces afterward. We hope you enjoy the October 27th “Into the Darkness” storybook.


Shay DeGrandis, “When you’re dead, there’s really no reason to rush.”


Judi Goshen, “There’s something very hard poking my hip.”


Eric Warner, “For six years I have been haunted by public art in Chicago.”


Deanna Moffitt, “I can feel a stream of sweat that starts near my nether regions begin to trickle down my leg. At least I hope it’s sweat.”


Willy Nast, “Whenever someone tells me their ghost story, I grow skeptical of their sanity and intelligence.”


Kareem Khubchandani, “He saw the skeptical smirk on my face but was determined to make use of his little weapon.”


Lisa Scott, “Paris, city of light? No. City of heavy rains and dark corners of the mind.”


Lynne Jordan, “Southern trees bear a strange fruit, blood on the leaves and blood at the root.”