September 22: Show wrap up

On September 22nd, seven storytellers shared their animal experiences for our Creature Comforts themed show. The show opened up with musical guests Andy Miller and Ben Benedict of Dog 1, who were joined by the angelic voices of Jenna Rae and Jade Renee Bacon of A Side of Bacon. Music highlights included a cover of “Eye of the Tiger” and “You are my Sunshine”.

Host Deanna Moffitt kicked off the night with her infectious enthusiasm. Going with our animal theme, she encouraged audience members to submit their thoughts on what their spirit animal is and why.

Kendra Stevens shares the meaning of friendship: always knowing there is someone to help you bury a dead cat.

Dorrie Ferguson finds comfort in the exuberant tail wagging of a sweet little dog named Seneca.

Reggie Eldridge has a profound moment with a lizard.

Rachael Smith feeds an unlikely obsession.

Lisa is tormented by a monkey named Oliver Pee.

Maia learns to rescue herself, as well as a stray pooch.

Jason confronts a deep fear of fowl.

Thank you to our whole cast and crew for all their hard work and to our audience for their love and support. We are excited to announce our next show will be on a much bigger boat- City Winery on Sunday, October 27th.
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