Schooled: August show wrap up

August storytellers brought their varsity game to Story Sessions with their own spin on the theme, “schooled”. From grade school crushes to a course in womanly arts, we learned a lot and laughed along the way.

Musical guests, Andy Miller and Ben Benedict of Dog 1, kicked off the evening with a little bluegrass.
Deanna took the stage and ushered us into a night where we would not only hear seven incredible stories, we would also get to hear lessons submitted by our very own audience members.

Darwyn Jones: “Love like kickball, allows you to call do-overs”

Linda Montgomery: “I could drop the cloak of invisibility and become the vixen that I always wanted to be. What a relief!”

Stephanie Rogers: “I am a throwback to the 60’s, who is stuck in a town which is thrown back to the 50’s, with parents in their 40’s, who wholly embrace the 80’s.”

Shannon Cason: “We squoze Elmer’s glue into wherever we thought would be the most difficult to clean it out of.”

Molly Meacham: “I am a simple gardener, tilling with words, preparing the ground.”

Arlene Malinowski: “3rd row, 3rd seat”

Heather Schwartz: “And so ‘Heather rules the roost’ began.”

Resident artist, Betsy Cypert illustrated each of evening’s stories.

Huge thanks to the storytellers for regaling us with their life lessons, Andy and Ben for their musical accompaniment, Betsy for her inspired sketches and Deanna for hosting a dynamic and heartfelt show. See you September 22nd for our “Creature Comforts” show!

Photo credit: Jill Howe

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  1. It was a magical evening! Thank you Jill, Rachael & Deanna for always putting up an outstanding event.

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