Recap: Fillet of Solo, January 24

Our final night of the Fillet of Solo festival began with the heavenly voices of the Bacon Sisters.Jade and Jenna

Hosts Greg Poljacik and Denise Santomauro were up to their usual crazy antics, pointing out their color coordinated wardrobe for the evening. Denise and Greg

The first performer, Paul Teodo, recalled a menacing moment in Chicago baseball, “la noche del gato negro”. Paul Teodo

David Himmel explained why “good-looking people shouldn’t be doctors”. David Himmel

Roger Batton explored the struggle for pacifism, asking, “Will we ever find the cycle of love and peace?”Roger Batton

Eileen Dougharty gave this city the hug it deserves. “Chicago throws an Old Style at me and tells me to snap out of it.”Eileen Dougharty

Steven Strafford remembered why “7th grade is the best year of life that ever existed.” Stephen Strafford

Thank you so much for joining us for this month of shows! And a special thank you to Dorothy Milne of Lifeline Theatre for putting on this amazing festival! See you all back at City Winery on Sunday, February 22 at 11am for our brunch show themed, “Love is…”