Phoenix Rising Illustrated

On Sunday March 16, Story Sessions returned to City Winery for another night of stories. Our resident artist, Betsy Cypert drew each tale as it unfolded.


An introduction of the theme by Barrie Cole
phoenix barrie

Dave Stinton, “Get the fuck goin’ you four-eyed piece of shit”
phoenix dave

Lindsay Porter, “I could take Kurt’s cats every day for the rest of their lives and still not have paid him back”
phoenix lindsay

Arlene Malinowski, “It was like a pharmaceutical burning man”
phoenix arlene

Greg Poljacik, “My arm was purple- I am talking zombie, get your gun, hide your kids, I may be craving brains- purple”
phoenix greg

Jen Bosworth, “Even though I don’t always like them, I finally realized that yes indeed, I have choices”
phoenix jen

Cristie Chamberland, “And there we were all at once 17 almost 18 again in the linen closet, making out and professing our love”
phoenix cristie

Andy Kerns, “I wore a girdle over my umbilical hernia so I could still go apeshit during the shows”
phoenix andy

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