“Oh Brother”: A Recap of our March Show

Our March show was devoted to stories about siblings, hosted by husband/wife duo Greg Poljacik and Denise Santomauro. hosts

Musical guests, River Rising, opened up the show with their original folk sounds.riverrising

Betsy Frymire, resident artist, drew each story live.betsy

Patrick Brennan, “There are a lot of people who think this idea is silly–I don’t have much use for those people.” patrick

Mary Dean Cason, “There were times in my life when I could be found in the company of nuns.”mary

Brooke Allen, “Butter makes you fat, pregnancy makes you fat, therefore butter makes you pregnant.”brooke

Nestor Gomez, “I was going all wrong about this love business.”nestor

Diane Kastiel, “So my father no longer had just a mistress–he had two families.”diane

Steven Strafford, “I had known I was HIV positive for a long time.”steven

Thank you to our hosts, musicians, performers, artist and amazing audience for another great show. We hope to see you on April 29 for our next performance!greenroom