October 27: Show wrap up

On October 27th, Story Sessions brought the show from Lakeview to City Winery Chicago. The night began with music from Dog 1, with an hour long set of bluegrass.


Host, Deanna Moffitt introduced the evening’s theme, “Into the Darkness” and shared a few fun anecdotes. As always, she asked the audience to write and share their own thoughts using the Story Sessions note cards at each table, “What takes you to the dark side? What really sets you off?” The note cards were collected at intermission and read between stories throughout the second half of the show.

Deanna host

Shay DeGrandis told the first story of the night about a childhood adventure with a Ouija board. We learned it was unlikely that Sid Viscious showered, in this life or in any life after.


Eric Warner shared the secret life of sculptures in Chicago. We’re all a little more knowledgable about how the forms are cast and possibly more eager to see the famous spheres at Kimball.


Judi Goshen exorcised a demon by confronting it head on, clothes off.


Willy Nast told Zak Bagans why his ghost hunting show needs a little work and that the paranormal is for the birds. Or the cats.


Deanna Moffitt enlightened us on the number of gas stations in Oak Brook, which is apparently close to zero. But what she did find, was so much better and might have made us a little teary eyed.


Kareem Khubchandani got a little more than he bargained for on a cold night in Chicago. So hard core.

Lisa Scott takes a trip outside her comfort zone in search of beauty in Paris.


Lynne Jordan shared the story of her grandfather’s survival and closed the show with Billie Holiday’s, “Strange Fruit.”


Last, but not least, during the show, our resident artist, Betsy Cypert, created a charcoal sketch of each story. Getting an illustration to match your story is just one of the fun perks of telling a story at Story Sessions. If you would like to be part of the show, please submit your story to storysessionschicago@gmail.com. We are currently programming for our Spring performances and would love to hear from you!

Huge thanks to our audience for joining us and sharing their own stories. We look forward to seeing you at the next Story Sessions. But if you can’t wait a whole month, or just want to take us home with you, listen to our podcast at Story Sessions on iTunes or Stitcher.