Love Illustrated

On February 22, resident artist, Betsy Frymire, dazzled our storytellers and audience with her illustrated depictions of each tale.Betsy_LoveIs

Betsy kicked off our inaugural brunch show with a drawing devoted to this month’s theme, “Love is…” Intro

Tom Wolferman: “I am living fifty shades of beige.”Tom illustrated

Ted Wesenberg: “One autumn afternoon, my brother carried a deer carcass into our family room.”Ted illustrated

MT Cozzola: “(Please oh please don’t let him find out that this guy is a clown.)”MT illustrated

Marty McConnell: “The worst greatest thing ever happened: someone decided to publish my book of poems.”Marty illustrated

Danielle Pinnock: “Chile it was a hot mess.”Danielle illustrated

James Sweeney: “But then you know, 12 years go by and it’s like beaches cost money and what about the shcools?”Jim illustrated