June 30: It takes two

We’re happy to make it into the Tribune with our “good problems”! Less problems and more space at the June 30th Story Sessions. Tickets available here!

Sessions JUNE 30 B

What’s a tandem story?

Great question. Other than the best thing that ever happened to your ears, it’s when two people who know each other very well tell a story of an experience they both shared. These stories will bring tears of revelation, belly laughs and heart warming joy. It takes two to tell a great tale this Sunday, June 30th at The Dogs Bollox.

Featuring Jen Ellison and Dave Stinton, Robyn Okrant and Jim Stevens, Denise and Greg Poljacik, Larry and Andy Kerns.

Host: Deanna Moffitt
Producers: Jill Howe & Rachael Smith

Sunday, June 30th
7pm, $7
Tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets