Food Illustrated

On May 21, resident artist Betsy Cypert brilliantly captures the six stories of our “Devour” themed show. Devour 00a

Diana Slickman admits, “I’ve always had an appetite for love.”Devour 01a

Dani Bryant makes a “Todd saves people from a mudslide birthday cake” and other delicacies.Devour 04a

Mindy Segal tells us how “life is like a buffet of cookies.”Devour 06a

Martha Bayne remembers a dear customer, “Even without a coaster, you didn’t drink the dead man’s beer.”Devour 05a

Jim Sweeney is schooled by a mustached hipster waiter, “No sir. It is a better carrot. It is the essence of carrot.”Devour 03a

Art and Chelsea Jackson clean up after a neighborhood altercation and go back to “business as usual” answering customer questions such as, “What’s the difference between a pasty and a pasty?”Devour 02a

Big thank you to Betsy for bringing the stories to life with such imagination!

If you’re interested in seeing one of these on drawings on your wall, matted prints of Betsy’s artwork are available for purchase for $10 (all proceeds go to Betsy). Please email if you’re interested in any of the current or past story illustrations.