Fillet of Solo Illustrated

Story Sessions resident artist, Betsy Cypert, once again worked her drawing magic for the January Story Sessions at the Fillet of Solo festival. We’re thrilled about this new installment of heartfelt and imaginative story art!

Jennifer Ann Coffeen: “My mission that summer was  simple one, to become the #1 girl detective in Chatanooga, Tennessee”


Eric May: “What was not different, what was in fact wonderfully the same, was the copious amounts of time people in both newsrooms spent telling each other stories”


Shawn Cobb: “The railroad is like prison except you get to go home every day”


John Lendman: “Growing up , then other boys wanted to be Superman, I wanted to be Clark Kent”


John Hahm: “No one wants to see blood in a can of pineapples”


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