February guest artist: Erik Sosa-Kibby

sosa_headshotOur resident artist Betsy Cypert will be jet setting to Ireland this February. In her absence, we have a guest artist stepping in to grace us with interpretive story art- Chicago native, Erik Sosa-Kibby.

About Erik: Erik Sosa-Kibby quickly made a name for himself in the Chicago and Milwaukee art world as one of the most original and innovative new artists to be painting the Midwest.

sosa art01Having started his painting career in 2002, Sosa has mounted several self exhibitions, been featured in collective shows, received national recognition and has proven to be a stalwart of the non-profit community for his generosity.

Inspired by all directions of life, Sosa’s work continues to be a kaleidoscope of paintings that range in size, form and style. “I never really know what I’ll be painting,” says Sosa.

sosa art03“You could say each canvas is a page in a coloring book of my life.” With work often compared to Kandinsky, Haring and Pollock, Sosa’s diverse style allows him to mimic other great artists while bringing a signature all his own.

We’re excited to see what Erik will create at the February 16th show!