“Day of the Dad”: A recap of our June 15 show

On a perfect summer day, Story Sessions features six performers sharing tales about dads- having dads, being dads and remembering dads. As always, Betsy Cypert draws the stories live as they happen. Musicians Ben Benedict, Andy Miller and Rob Anderlik kick off the evening with a bluegrass set.
June bluegrassHost Deanna Moffitt guides us through the evening’s tales and for our audience story participation, asking the audience to provide their best or worst dad advice.
deanna june 2014

Shannon Cason, “The game is called Bop. But the sound it makes is “Boop.” But if it hits the ground it goes “BOOM.”shannon june 2014

Alan Neff, “My dad introduced me to Raymond Chandler and split infinitives.” alan june 2014

Kelsie Huff, “I’m all right, because the bad guy is gone.”kelsie june 2014

Linda Gorham, “I loved making the ultimate plastic couch fart.”linda june 2014

Kevin Gladish, “Go ahead and order dessert. We’re as rich as we need to be.”kevin june 2014

Natasha Tsoutsouris, “My dad has a friend. And it’s Geddy Lee.”natasha june 2014

What a perfect way to spend Father’s Day, with Dad in the room, in mind or in spirit. We are excited to return to the City Winery stage in September 2014 after our summer hiatus. Until then, stay tuned for Story Sessions summer activities!