Collide Illustrated

Collide TitleOn Oct 18, six storytellers shared their “collide” themed stories for a bang-up show! Resident artist, Betsy Frymire created stunning visuals with marker and paper as she illustrated the stories live. Here are the drawings from this month’s show!

Andrew Reilly tells us about a short trip and a mistaken identity.Andrew Reily art

Ellen Blum Barish shares a collision that produces drastically different outcomes.Ellen Barish art

John Hahm tells us about a little boy who gets caught between Hawaiian racial tensions, luckily saved by mom.John Hahn art

Hallie Palladino regales us with a story of a city slicker dragging his family to the wild west. Hallie Palladino art

Marta Wilmes shares her experience regaining a world of treasured distractions after a deep loss. Marta Wilmes art

Scott Woldman reveals his family’s survival method for clashes at meal time.Scott Woldman art

Cheers to another amazing series of story illustrations by Betsy Frymire! If you’d like to learn more about her work, you can find an exclusive interview here.