April 29 Show: “All in”

On April 29th, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary with six performers sharing tales on our theme, “All in.”

Musical guests, Pat Otto, Mike Church and Rob Anderlik kicked off the show with an hour of bluegrass. Music_April

We welcomed first-time hosts, husband/wife duo, Danielle Pinnock-Wallace and Jack Wallace. Hosts_April

Sarah Bunger shares her blissful olympic dreams.Sarah_April

Noah Ginex owes his puppetry career to that one day, hanging out, listening to Barenaked Ladies.Noah_April

Jill Howe goes on an unplanned trip with Milton.Jill_April

Barrie Cole tells us about being “all in” India with Mother Theresa.

Roger Batton finds peace in a rhino-skin trunk.Roger_April

Robert Cornelius embraces his rock star life.Robert_April

Betsy Frymire celebrates two years of illustrations with us.Betsy_April

We introduced our first bottle of Story Sessions wine, now for sale at City Winery. Wine_April

And we toasted to the incredible journey behind us and ahead. GreenRoom_April