April 27 Recap: Around the World

What a long strange trip it’s been- both for this month’s storytellers and for Story Sessions celebrating our one-year anniversary!

For our “birthday show”, we take a trip down memory lane, lighting up the room with a slideshow of photos, posters and drawings. It’s great to see familiar faces both in person and on screen!

Our resident musicians, Ben Benedict and Andy Miller, usher in our guests with a bluegrass jam. ben_andy

Host, Deanna Moffitt, prepares the audience for international travel through story teleportation.deanna

Resident artist, Betsy Cypert, draws the stories as they happen. First try. No eraser. Betsy is amazing. betsy

Bill begins the show with an adventure in Pamplona, running with the bulls.billIt’s the eve of the official release of his book, The Old Neighborhood, and we get a sneak peek through Curbside Splendor Publishing. His autographed books quickly sell out! curbside

Karen Shimmin makes a trek to Africa hoping to take too many photos of elephants and gets quite a different picture. karen

Jeff Miller shares a summer camp trip to Canada. jeff

JH Palmer follows her dance teacher on an enlightening journey.jh

Mark Schab overcomes blood-sucking bats and 90’s pop in one night. mark

Paulette McDaniels discovers the universal language for “land mine.”

Robyn Okrant follows her crush to a one-night show she will never forget, even if she tries. robyn

Thank you for an incredible year, story friends. And for joining in all our endeavors from festivals to fireplaces and Lakeview to the Loop. Cheers to you, your stories and the road ahead!