“All In” Illustrated

April 29 marked our 2nd anniversary and the perfect time for stories themed, “All In.” And Betsy Frymire, our resident artist, captured the magic of each of these epic tales. Apr29_theme

Sarah Bunger, “Like any normal person, all I wanted was to have Bella Karolyi cupe my hands with those big bear-ish hands of his.” Apr29_Sarah

Noah Ginex, “But chiefly, the combination of moron friends, Barenaked Ladies, and puppetry, is why I am standing here right.” Apr29_Noah

Jill Howe, “I was creating a show and Milton was creating a Frankenstein.”Apr29_Jill

Barrie Cole, “The soles of my feet felt like they were covered in clitori.”Apr29_Barrie

Roger Batton, “I put the key on a chain around my neck and walked out of the old mansion and into the sunlight.”Apr29_Roger

Robert Cornelius,”I am an artist.”Apr29_Robert

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