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Story Sessions is a monthly show featuring a collection of performers sharing true personal stories that will tug at your heart strings, tickle your funny bone and take your mind on a wild adventure. Check out a video from one of our fans!

October 2015: Q&A with Gapers Block:
Chicago has no shortage of regular storytelling events, but each year an audience gathers around a cozy firepit on the North Shore for Story Sessions’ Annual Campfire…This year’s theme “Creep,” did not disappoint. I sat down with Jill Howe and Rachael Smith, the founders and hostesses of Story Sessions, to get the scoop on their shows and what makes their events tick.[Read full interview]

February 2015: An interview with Naomi Huffman of the Chicago Tribune:
“As producers, most of Smith and Howe’s work takes place behind the curtain. But while watching the show unfold on stage, it’s clear it is all the result of their thoughtful collaboration and openness to the unexpected.” [Read full interview]

May 2014: A review by Cassie Sheets of Chicago Literati:
Cassie states, “It was one of the few times at a live lit event I’ve felt sad the show was over…I’d recommend checking out their site, listening to their podcast, and finding an event with a theme that interests you to attend. It’s another month until the next show, but it’s worth the wait.”
[Read full review]

February 2014: An interview with Abby Sheaffer of Chicago Literati:
Jill & Rachael comment, “We’re thrilled with the stage, but we’re also thrilled with the process that gets you there. It’s not all about the spotlight. It’s about honoring the story.”
[Read full interview]

April 2013: Read a review of our humble beginnings by the Chicago Tribune:
“As opening night glitches go, this was a good problem.The back room at Lakeview gastropub The Dog’s Bollox was jammed with people squeezing in for the debut of Story Sessions, yet another yarn-spinning event to add to Chicago’s already-packed storytelling/live literature calendar, and the organizers, regretfully, were turning people away…”
[Read full story]

About the Founder and Host of Story Sessions

Jill Howe is the producer of Story Sessions, a showcase featuring true stories and live music. Jill has facilitated her monthly storytelling group Friends with Words for the last six years, organizes and teaches Story Sessions writing retreats, and presented a Tedx Talk focusing on vulnerability through storytelling. She shares her stories at bars and theaters all around Chicagoland. Also, after recently becoming a resident storyteller at The Field Museum, she develops kid-friendly true stories about beloved animals who need to have their memories dusted off.

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  1. hi guys,

    i work with a startup called ‘swell’. it’s basically a ‘pandora for podcasts’…we deliver personally curated content, based on listener’s taste/usage.

    we love ‘story sessions’…and it’s one of of our most highly rated programs.

    i wanted to ask a favor…i was wondering if you would download the Swell app (www.swell.am) and check it out. and if you like it, we would love and appreciate it if you’d be willing to tweet that your show is on Swell (@swellapp) on Twitter and/or mention that ‘Story Session’ is available on Swell on your podcast.

    thanks so much.
    and let me know if you have any questions.

    goro toshima
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    • Hey Goro,

      Checking it out now and can already see how great it is. We’ll be happy to tweet and mention it on the podcast. Thanks so much for including us in your listings. You have a new fan.

      – Deanna Moffitt
      host of Story Sessions

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