Next show: March 16, “Phoenix Rising”

March 16

Sunday, March 16: 6-9pm
Storytelling in Chicago continues to emerge as an intimate and compelling performance art. The perfect finale for your weekend, Story Sessions delivers seven true tales sharing this month’s theme, “Phoenix Rising”. Get there early and hear Chicago bluegrass band, Dog 1, open the show. And catch our resident artist, Betsy Cypert as she live sketches the stories during the show. It’s a story carnival you won’t want to miss!

Featured storytellers are Jen Bosworth, Cristie Chamberland, Andy Kerns, Arlene Malinowski, Greg Poljacik, Lindsay Porter and Dave Stinton.

Story Sessions is hosted by Deanna Moffitt and produced by Jill Howe and Rachael Smith.


Stories on canvas

Stories on canvas

On February 16, Erik Sosa-Kibby, national reknown artist, painted his interpretation of the evening’s stories. Barrie Cole: “The candy heart said, ‘Be mine’. These are fairly simple instructions. I wondered, ‘Was he dyslexic?” Jeremy Owens: “It was the black-eyed peas. … Continue reading

Love is… A recap of our February 16 show

By 5:30pm, there is already an eager line of story enthusiasts outside the main hall of City Winery. Inside, storytellers buzz around the green room. Musicians run through one final practice. Our guest artist prepares his canvases, brushes and paint … Continue reading